Although it not really clear who we are quoting exactly, the quote covers it all. We as sailors love to be outdoors, especially on the water. However, it is sad to see that more and more water becomes polluted by plastic particles or by other man-made and by man-left garbage.

Furthermore, with the last summers being one of the hottest in mankind, it is now more than ever time for a fundamental change.


Topdekzeilen is determined to be part of that change. Topdekzeilen has made several decisions that directly impacts its CO2 footprint and the CO2 footprint of its customers. We are working towards a continuously improvement of our overall impact.


Co2 neutral shipments to customers

All parcel shipments are CO2 neutral due to our partnership with PostNL. CO2 is compensated by planting trees in both The Netherlands as in Africa.

Warehouse energy positive

Our warehouse has been made energy positive by installing solarpanels which are capable of generating twice the average needed electricity for this location.

Carton used

All our carton used is 100% recyclable and we ship our covers in plain boxes, cutting out all (possible) toxic ink’s used for printing on the carton.